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Qigong is an ancient Chinese Health Care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focussed intention.

Womens Qigong

Qi (Chi), the energy of the universe and regarded as the life force in everything.

Gong (Guung) is the accomplishment or skill that is cultivated through steady practice.
Together the word Qigong means working in a systematic way with the energy of the universe or life force to maintain health and promote healing and vitality.

Qigong promotes awareness of dimensions of our being and the ability to influence them for our benefit.

Such dimensions are not covered in traditional exercise programs. Qigong practices return us to our natural state of functioning by promoting integration and harmony of the body, mind and heart. Indeed, on-going practice has profound consequences for daily life. Joy and confidence with stability are just some of the benefits.

Radiant Lotus Qigong

Radiant Lotus Womens Qigong provides specific exercises to meet the challenges of a changing hormonal status throughout life.
The landmark stages are the initial onset of menstruation, the ongoing monthly cycle, pregnancy, menopause (second spring) and the senior wisdom years. These changes can often be stressful depending on our state of health. With fine-tuning of our sensitivity and intuition, Qigong can help us to move through transitions and unstoppable change with flexibility, adaptability and strength.
By managing our hormonal changes, through food, drinks, lifestyle choices and Qigong, we can learn to understand and let go of the things that detract from our energy and vitality. For women, especially hormonal and emotional stress can result in a cascade of imbalances that can lead to serious illness or dis-ease such as cancer. RLWQ is particularly valuable to learn and teach because many women have a tendency to retain trapped emotional energy in the breasts and reproductive organs, areas of vulnerability that, ironically give life to others.
RLWQ can play a vital role in supporting women. It is a wholistic program that takes a multi-pronged approach to empowering women in their selfcare.


Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong 4 Hour Workshop - $160


  • Cupping exercises
  • Self Massage
  • Tibetan Healing Sounding
  • Longevity and Qigong exercises
  • Sound Meditation with Singing Bowls
  • Light supper and refreshments

Individual consultations on request.

Certified Radiant Lotus Womens Qigong Practitioner since June, 2013.
Student of Daisy Lee Radiant Lotus Womens Qigong for 7 years.

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